Good News of the Day!

The Incredible Hulk To Join Dancing With The Stars!

I consider this amazing piece of news an opportunity to confront my childhood fears. My mother tells me that I used to cry and hide whenever Lou Ferrigno appeared on the screen as The Hulk (Please note that I have totally disregarded Eric Bana and Edward Norton as viable Hulk alternatives. Their nostrils are not big enough).

Who wouldn’t be afraid? I mean, he was big, green and very very angry! To this day, when someone starts throwing stuff, i’m gone. But then, how often am I around people throwing things?

Excuse me, I digress, this piece of news is worthy of being the Good News of the Day because it will make my heart all warm and fuzzy imagining the hulk doing the Samba. Can’t wait!

Click on the link to check out Lou’s audition clip for Dancing With The Stars. I’m smiling already.

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