Good News of the Day!

The beloved family dog is really a toddler with a snout and tail!

I knew it! For all those people out there screaming, “It’s just a dog!” to us dog-lovers, I think you need to take a moment to check out the Good News of the Day! at this link.

Apparently, “research” has shown that dogs have the ability to count, deliver mail, read, and go to college. Ok, maybe not go to college, but the study found that dogs have the ability to think up to the level of a 24 month old child, especially when it comes to finding treats. I know this to be true from personal experience. One of my dogs (a poodle, the 2nd smartest after a Border Collie, says the proud owner!) becomes stealthy and stalkerish when it comes to sniffing out a toy or treat. I once threw his toy in a box and put it outside in the backyard to take it to the trash the next morning. Why did I get up the next day and he was chilling with the toy? The wonders!!! (And the creepiness, but we wont focus on that since this is a POSITIVE post)

My favorite part of the article… “Like 2-year-olds, dogs can experience fear, anger, happiness and disgust (perhaps at a human’s sub-par math skills), but not guilt. Humans don’t feel guilt until about age 4”. Disgust? I wonder what would cause a dog to feel disgust? What does it look like on their faces? Is their lip curled? Think about this folks…have you seen this look of disgust on Fido’s face? If so, please share. It would tickle me so. Furthermore, this statement is important because if you have a toddler, stop trying to use guilt to make them do things until they are least 4! Sheesh!!

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