A Culture of Emasculation?

Be strong! Be confident! Be a man! Hello…go check out a beer commercial and imitate. Just kidding. Well, kinda. I’m just wondering what happened to the guy who can have an opinion. Believe it or not guys, sometimes we like a little dissent (and this is coming from a admittedly obstinate woman). And a little take charge and initiative can be nice. What has caused the woman to be the one to have to plan her own exciting and romantic date? Doesn’t sound romantic to me. Can we get a little chivalry? (I swear I am an Independent woman, really! Go Feminists!)

This problem of the “emasculation” of men in today’s society has been discussed by Askmen.com in an article titled, “Reverse Emasculating Trends”. Click here to check out the article. It appears that the information provided on the site is catered to and written by men. “Reverse Emasculating Trends” suggests that if women are nagging and treating their significant others (aka their Boos) like children, it’s the man’s own fault! Why? Because ya’ll are acting like big children who need a maid. So, the women react accordingly. (Don’t shake your head, you know it’s true).

Askmen.com then gives ideas to these emasculated men on how to reclaim their masculinity. My favorites are “Phase out the baby talk” and “Do something macho”. So simple yet so powerful (chills).

Women, you don’t get a pass. Stop nagging! Don’t let him turn you into his mama! When you start seeing your man as a child then I would recommend two options: (1) Talk about it. If you are nagging, chances are he doesn’t like it and neither do you. In fact, it probably makes you both feel like crap. A conversation could turn this whole thing around. (2) Get another man. Truth is, if he wants another mama, he’s going to keep acting that way until he gets her.

Now…put down the butcher knife.

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