A look at Black men and Depression


I really enjoyed this video in which Dr. Sanjay Gupta interviews two black professionals, Reverand Leland Jones, Pastor of Greater New Light Missionary Baptist Church in Atlanta, and Psychologist, Allen Carter, Director of clinical services for Morehouse College Counseling Center.

The topic in question was depression and how it is affecting Black men. Furthermore, it discusses the stimga of shame attached to those feelings. As a Black woman myself, I have observed that my community tends to avoid seeking mental health services. It is great that someone is having an open and honest discussion about the fact that the Black community could benefit from reaching out for help and that it is ok to do so. I especially appreciate that the Reverand relays his story of depression after returning from serving his country and how he was better off with help during his struggles to reacclimate. Hopefully by just telling his story he is spreading that message to his counterparts.

Please take a look. And spread the positivity.

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