Jeep believes that Positivity Works too!

Knowing that everyday, I have a choice to make
Between watching the clock and occasionally, my back
I can greedily, rightfully, seize every ticking
moment and never give one of them back

I Live…

—JEEP, “Clocks” commercial (2009)

Since this so-called recession reared its ugly head, there seems to be an increase in “save money!” advertising out there, but I have also noticed more ads with encouraging and optimistic messages. Earlier, as I clicked refresh again on my open Facebook window (hush…you know you do it too), I was distracted by the voice-over that was playing on my tv during the commercials (I was about to start my own special screening of Glee…Thank you DVR).

Lo and behold (he he, I always wanted to use that in a sentence), I heard Jeep selling a positive outlook on life! Seize the day, enjoy life, be thankful! Work is work, leave it there. Good job, Jeep! Although there is a possibility that you may be capitalizing on poor America’s desperate need for some positivity and inspiration, I still commend you for not adding one screen shot of someone half-naked. Bravo.

Scroll past the smile to see Jeep’s “Clocks” commercial for yourself. Go ahead…greedily and rightfully seize the moment!


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