Celebrating the imperfection…

Wally is back again! I’d like to think that he has been on a world tour of positivity; going from place to place with his belly full of joy while searching tirelessly for great inspirational video clips to share with us.

Tonight, he brings us a commercial clip from thinkfamily.sg and the Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports (MCYS) in Singapore.  ThinkFamily’s goal is to promote the importance and value of family bonding.  Sounds positive to me!  Good job, Wally!

Check out the video below.  And if it (or another of Wally’s picks) inspires or motivates you in some way, make an effort to use that positive energy while it is there. Don’t waste it!  Use it to move and take action towards your dreams and goals.  And in honor of Wally’s current video pick for good vibes, ask yourself, am I recognizing the beauty of my own imperfections?


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