The Fun Theory…Can fun help you to change for the better?

Wally’s video pick for good vibes this week is all about fun! In his searches for more positive videos to share with you all, he stumbled upon this great video that is a part of campaign.  Looks like the campaign is linked to Volkswagen and it has a series of videos demonstrating how making an activity more enjoyable increases the frequency of  a person doing said activity (behavior modification, anyone?).

Some examples of positive behaviors that increase with fun in the videos are  are throwing away trash in a bin, recycling bottles, taking the stairs instead of the escalator, and getting kids to clean their rooms.   Check out more info about campaign here.

Wally and I decided that our favorite video in the campaign is the one that entices more people to take the stairs instead of the escalator.  They did this by turning the stairs at a metro/tube/subway station into piano keys and adding sound effects.  It’s so nice to see everyone smiling and enjoying themselves as they play piano with their feet (just like the BIG  scene at FAO Schwartz…anyone else remember that? One of my favs!).  Great idea! More calories burned and some good energy earned!

And where oh where are these piano stairs? I heard Milan, Italy. I wanna go just so I can run up and down them playing Heart and Soul (the only thing I know how to play…well, one part of it, anyway). Plus, I just realized I may have a little bit of a crush on  pianos played by feet and the movie Big.

Check out the piano stair video below! Have “fun” watching!


And just for more “fun”, we have included the piano scene from the movie Big.  Ok…maybe it is more for my benefit, but still…Enjoy!


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