Good News of the Day!

Remember, smiling not only helps you live longer, but past studies (some of which I have mentioned on this blog) have shown that people who smile are usually happier, have more stable personalities and marriages, and have better cognitive and interpersonal skills. Plus, when you smile you present as more friendly and trustworthy and also just smiling can sometimes help to improve your mood (it takes more work to frown).

New study shows that women feel more guilt than men. Shocker?…Not!

Women are more empathetic but it does not make them weaker. Empathy provides a sense of understanding about other people’s feelings, allows a person to build strong relationships and show others that they care. Empathy also allows people to strive to be the best that they can be, because inherently, they understand that the guilt that results doesn’t feel too good. So women (and guilt-prone gents too!), try to be proactive in instances where your guilt can lead to negative feelings such as depression and a lowered self esteem. When those feelings of guilt occur (oh no! I forgot her birthday or oh no! I forgot to take the chicken out of the freezer for dinner), remember to stay positive and think about resolving the situation without mentally beating yourself up. There is always a belated birthday celebration or takeout. There is also the fact that you are human and you will forget things, make mistakes, and will sometimes need help. It’s ok. And you are still amazing in spite of it.