Getting stuff for free can make you happy…and healthy!

It’s Freebie Tuesday! Wanted to share with all of you that if you are in need of medical, dental, or vision care and just haven’t had the funds or insurance to afford it, today is the start of a free clinic held at the Los Angeles Sports Arena located at 3939 North Figueroa Street (that’s around USC…for people like me who are directionally challenged). This clinic was a great success last year and it’s nice that they are back with an extended time frame for people in need.

These free services will be provided to approximately 1,200 people per day starting today until May 3, 2010. The event is planned and operated by Remote Area Medical, a Volunteer 501(c)(3) charity providing free care to uninsured, under-insured, and indigent Individuals throughout the United States .  All of the services are provided by volunteers and there is no cost at all to you or anyone else to receive the services.  There is also no income test, no insurance requirement, or other restrictions.  This is a no-questions-asked opportunity to take care of yourselves!  For more information about this event and the organization running it, click here.

Also, on your way there, you might want to stop by Subway. They are giving away free breakfast sandwiches and coffee until 11am today. Enjoy, positive thinkers!

More info about free medical, dental and vision services at the event:

  • There will be at least 100 dental stations, 45 medical exam rooms, 25 eye exam stations.
  • Dentistry will include cleanings, extractions, fillings, restorative procedures and root canals.
  • Prescription eye glasses will be ground and fitted on-site.
  • Minor dermatological and other medical procedures will be performed.
  • Pediatricians and pediatric dentists will be present.
  • Mammography, pap smears, chest x-rays, and diabetes screening, blood pressure screening, and other services will be provided.
  • Healthcare foundations and agencies will also distribute patient education materials.
  • Follow-up care will be arranged for those who need it, with most referrals to private sector practices and facilities.

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