Good News of the Day! Positivity Works! named one of the top 50 Counseling Blogs. Whoo hoo!

We here at Positivity Works! are so pleased to inform our wonderful readers that, with your help, we have been named one of the Top 50 Counseling Blogs by the Counseling Courier, a site that provides resources for those seeking or already working in counseling careers.  We feel honored (especially Wally, since he is already out searching for a very special video pick for good vibes as I type this), and feel oh so motivated to continue the positivity because… it works! (and we get put on really cool lists!).

Check out the rest of the list by clicking here.  The list provides links to some great mental health focused sites that might assist you in being a better you, including blogs about maintaining a happy marriage, managing addictions, managing grief and end of life issues and even gaining support through the college application/admission process.

It’s nice to know that the counseling profession is establishing an online presence and working to assist those in need to attain resources that many are afraid to seek in person for fear of being thought of as “crazy” or being misunderstood.  Long live the Counseling Blog!

Now excuse us, we are off to celebrate by doing the happy dance.

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