It’s all about perspective.

Thoughts are shaped by experiences. Our thoughts determine the way we view things and it forms our perspective. That perspective is used by us to form opinions about things like education, popular culture, relationships, work, etc… That perspective is shaped by who we were as children and what we experienced in the journey to becoming adults, and even our continued experiences as adults. Becoming aware of that is key. Not every person you meet will have had the same experiences as you, so you and another person will most likely never have the exact same perspective on all things. And that’s great! Where would the world be if we all thought the same and there was no intelligent discourse? My opinion…it would be a very boring world and one with limited growth.

Warning: this video has been known to incite rampant smiling

an adorable, scrumptious, inspiring, happy-tear inducing morsel of a clip showing a deaf baby hearing sound and his mother’s voice for the first time (or second or third…doesn’t matter. It’s amaaazing!). If this doesn’t bring a smile to your face then I recommend repeat viewing. =)