Good News of the Day! Educational programs still exist.

Funding for education and social programs is rapidly dwindling away due to economic conditions and unfortunate prioritizing.  As a result, our future (meaning all the little children out there losing out on art programs, summer school,  a stable teacher and even individual text books), is at risk.   It’s hard to imagine a world where these children turn into adults never having been exposed to the arts.  It’s even more difficult thinking about them being stuck going to schools that are trying desperately to manage a budget and fast disappearing faculty, and therefore, not necessarily providing a well rounded education or a nurturing environment.

I’m serious. I cannot even imagine it because there is still a spark of hope in me that despite the conditions, children will continue to seek and access the education and developmental experiences they need to thrive. It’s the optimist in me…DUH. Positivity Works! =)  And although there is a lot of optimism behind my belief, there is also knowledge that there are actually others out there who care, no matter the economic climate, about making sure children have access to their needs.  You know…food, water, shelter, love, big hugs, and education.

The Good News of the Day! is that we here at Positivity Works! have come across a great new seminar that promotes and encourages the art of writing, particularly in at risk communities.  We’re not talking boring essays here…children will get the opportunity to learn about screen writing, song writing, writing as novelists, and even business writing.  Such a great learning opportunity to get hands on experience in topics that most don’t see until college and it sounds like it might be creative and fun!

Check out a video inspired by the S.O.U.L. Writing Seminar below and check out more info about their program here.

I hope many more movers and shakers continue to seek to fill the gap that is rapidly growing in the current education system.  What a positive thing to do!


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