“I can do anything good!”

Wally has really brought a whopper of positivity this time, folks! Scroll down to the video below for Wally’s Video Pick for Good Vibes and be ready for some amazing-ness!  I literally could not wipe the smile off my face for a good ten minutes after watching this video.  In fact, I might just have to arrange to watch it every morning during my cup of coffee so that I can start off my daily positivity routine in a proper manner.  The little girl in it is precious, her bathroom sink is precious and her curly reddish locks are precious!  I heart her.

This video shows us all about enjoying the moment and being happy for the things you have.  The little angel seems to be an expert at affirmations and self-motivation and she probably can’t even read yet.  I think I will go around all day singing her little song!  “My whole house is great *big clap*…I can do anything good, I like my room…I love my hair, I love my haircut, I can do anything good! Better than anyone…”

Enjoy, positive thinkers!


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