Operation Beautiful! You are what you think you are.

Affirmations are an excellent way to remind yourself of your amazing-ness.  You can remind yourself verbally or by trying to repeat positive thoughts, but another way is to utilize a written affirmation.  This can be a post-it on the bathroom mirror, a note to yourself in the kitchen drawer, a sticker on the refrigerator, a log of positive thoughts in a journal or a word written on a rock in your garden.   Finding those notes on down days can make all the difference in the world.  It’s like getting an unexpected hug from yourself when you need it most.

There are so many ways, so small and easy, to help you maintain positive self esteem through affirmations.  Be creative about it because the more personal it is to you, the better they work!  You can also give back to others in need of some positivity by leaving affirmations for them to find.  Sometimes our positivity can come from knowing that we can make others smile and feel better about themselves.

Want to learn more about spreading the positive word for others?  We here at Positivity Works! have found a great movement called Operation Beautiful. Operation Beautiful was created by a blogger who believes that if you don’t take the time to reach out to other people in a positive way, you’ll never be satisfied.  She started a movement through her website to encourage others to leave positive messages for others such as “You are Beautiful!” and “Smile!” in public places such as public restrooms, libraries, gyms, workplaces, coffee shops, etc.  The idea seems to have caught on as the movement is getting lots of press and tons of followers.

If you are interested in becoming a part of Operation Beautiful, all it takes is a pen, a piece of paper or post it, and good intentions!  Click here to learn more about this great movement!  Although the Positivity Works! blog has become a great way to spread positivity, I for one, plan to get busy with my yellow post-it pad ( I don’t recommend writing directly on any walls or anything, you don’t want to get any criminal charges throughout your efforts to spread positivity!).

So, get to affirming positive thinkers!  Someone will thank you for it, whether you know about it or not.

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