A New Year…a Better Thinking You!


It is a new year and already it feels like it is running past me at hyper speed.  I made a resolution to be more organized in the year 2011.  What I should have done was make a resolution to invent a time machine so that I can pause time and do all the work I have to do.  Unrealistic? Of course (especially because I can’t even imagine how to start that darn time machine), but it would probably be the easiest way to ensure that my organizational goals are met.

Another way is to start to change my way of thinking and doing. Clearly, if it is a resolution that had to be made, there is indication that I must have been having difficulties managing myself, my time, my paperwork, and my personal life.  Therefore, the way I made decisions and the actions I took in the year 2010 somehow failed my expectations and this resulted in a decision that something needs to change.

Now, my first thought was…write a to-do list. I already have lots of to-do lists! That used to work for me.  I am now aware that while my trusty to-do list and the highly satisfing check marks next to the completed tasks make me feel good, something more needs to be done.  With that in mind, I thought of my biggest hindrance to becoming a oganizational genius and it really is time.  I am just one person and sometimes one person needs assistance to releive the burden.   So, my plan is now to get more organized by attaining help with completing important tasks, utilizing my to-do list along with weekly deadlines, and use electronic resources to maintain records. With a plan in place, I now feel that while a time machine would be amaaaazing,  my plan should suffice and if it does not, then I will know to try to tweak the plan until eventually I come up with one that works for me.

If you are a regular reader of this blog, then you will know that we here at Positivity Works! are big on self-awareness, planning, goal-setting and reframing negative thoughts.  A resolution can happen at the new year or any other time in life.  Resolutions are really ways in which a person recognizes a need for change and vows to improve themselves.  If you can be self-aware enough, all times of the year, to acknowledge when change is needed in your life, then you will be a better thinking you and that’s really the most valuable thing to someone seeking positivity and good mental health.  Whatever your resolution is, was, or will be, remember why you are making changes and if it is not going to make you a  happier person, then it may be the wrong resolution for the wrong reasons.

Happy New Year!

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