Words to think on…Be Tolerant

This world, in its most recent history, has seen multiple wars, multiple natural disasters and more than a few everyday stressors.  All incidents that can create so much stress and strife.  We don’t often speak, here at Positivity Works!, about the reasons why we need to be positive.  We most often just provide resources and information about how to attain and maintain your positivity.   However, the why can be important because the why is often the story that is hiding behind the fake smile on your face when you answer “Fine” after the 5th person  that day asks you “How are you?”  when you really feel the complete opposite.  In fact, you would probably love to confide in them and feel that they really hear you and care (and won’t spread your business).

And just imagine, if they did, if they were open to you and tolerant enough to give you the time and hear you.  How would you feel?  I’d imagine that there would be some feelings of positivity associated because the why was no longer lurking in your head but now out there for you to process, freeing you to think/feel other things. And, if you train your mind correctly, those thoughts would be positive in nature.

We here at Positivity Works! are of the opinion that we need to be positive because it builds our tolerance to pain and hurt.  It builds our tolerance to the reality of the multiple wars, disasters,  and grievances and helps us to go on living.   It even builds our tolerance to physical pains.  For example, convincing yourself that “you got this” in a middle of a torturous run can really be the thing to push you past the pain of the cramp in your side.  Positivity can also build your tolerance for others when you would like nothing better than to *&^BKJD!!! (insert *be really mean to them*).  Being able to turn away from them with a smile is much better than being arrested, don’t you think?

Words to think on…Be Tolerant.

“Though all society is founded on intolerance, all improvement is founded on tolerance.”  –George Bernard Shaw

                  “Intolerance is evidence of impotence.” –Aleister Crowley

    “Anger and intolerance are the twin enemies of correct understanding.”              Mahatma Gandhi

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  2. Such a wonderful, positive article. Very few of us take the time to totally enjoy such and experience and we should treat ourselves, however briefly, to these types of images. Our world sends us so many negative messages every day that it is very hard to remember to be positive.

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