I Love Me


I, love, and you are just three simple words. When these words are alone, they may not hold any significance to you, but when they are strung together, one right after the other, these words can become some of the most powerful words ever uttered. These words let you know that you don’t have to go through this world alone. You know that you will have someone that cares about you and that wants the best in life for you. There will be someone there for you that can be that shoulder to lean on when you’re down and that can help you back up when you fall. It doesn’t matter if these words come from your mother, father, sister, brother, friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse because when you hear these words uttered to you they can give you such an immense sense of comfort that will be hard for anyone to take away from you.

Now although these words can bring us joy, they also tend to loose their power the more it is said by one person. What was once new and exciting to hear can become routine and habitual. The meaning behind these three words has not changed, but because we have heard them said so many times they begin to seem less and less meaningful. We start to take this simple sentence for granted and we may even start to not care or notice it when someone stops saying it to us, that is, until someone fails to say it when we need to hear it the most.

If you happen to be feeling bad about yourself because your best friend is no longer talking to you because you said some unkind things to her in the midst of a heated argument, you may need to hear someone else tell you that he or she still loves you even though you were hurtful to your best friend.

You may yearn to hear those words if someone that once loved you has just told you that he no longer loves you. Knowing that someone still loves you might just help you to get over this heartbreak a little faster.

If you’re not sure about the direction your life is heading, you may need someone to tell you that you are loved even if you never find the right path in life.

And you may need to hear those three words if you feel unaccomplished because you’re not where you pictured you would be at this point in your life. Knowing that you are still loved may just give you hope for your future.

Yes, it feels good to have someone to tell you that you are loved, especially in times of trouble, but having somebody there to tell you that you are loved shouldn’t stop you from telling yourself just how much you love you. Don’t rely on someone else to tell you that you are loved. Positive thinker, be the one to tell yourself that you love you.

In life, you should be your biggest advocate. People will come and go from your life, including people that once loved you, but even if everyone that once loved you has left you to stand alone in this world, it doesn’t mean that you should give up on loving yourself.

And you should love yourself unconditionally positive thinker. Sometimes we start to think less of ourselves when things don’t seem to go our way. If you fall on hard times you may want to stop loving yourself, but this setback shouldn’t stop you from loving you. If you’re feeling down and out you may want to stop loving yourself, but keep on loving yourself despite this obstacle that life has thrown your way. If nothing in your world seems to be going your way you may want to stop loving yourself, but you should still love you even if you are experiencing the most difficult hardship of your life.

It is also in these times of trouble when you need to love yourself the most positive thinker. If the world’s got you down, you need to make sure to let yourself know that even if your life isn’t perfect you still have yourself that you can depend on and love. Show yourself that you love you no matter what.

It shouldn’t matter if you don’t have someone out there telling you that you are loved everyday because at the end of the day you have you, and if you love yourself and walk hand in hand with yourself everyday, this world may not be as scary as you make it out to be. Positive thinker, you should always have at least one person that loves you, and that person out to be you.

Remember positive thinker, “At the end of the day, tell yourself gently: ‘I love you, you did the best you could today, and even if you didn’t accomplished all you had planned, I love you anyway.’”  -The unbounded Spirit

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