I’m sure nobody would complain if every single day of your life was perfect. If you never had to experience heartache or pain again, you would be happy. If you never had to experience another hardship a day in your life then you wouldn’t complain. If there was a way that I could wake up everyday knowing that everything I wanted and needed to happen was going to happen and that nothing or no one would get in my way of experiencing nothing but happiness for the rest of my life then I would be the first person in line to figure out how that could happen. We’d all love it if that was the case, but unfortunately it is not.

It’s not all sunshine and rainbows everyday because everybody goes through difficult moments at different points in their lives, and often times when these difficulties do seem to sneak up on us they also seem to be accompanied by stress. They don’t bring us much joy or happiness, and they end up making life more difficult for us. And sometimes when we go through them we may even end up thinking less of ourselves for the battles that we’re going through, but we shouldn’t let this happen.

We all deal with hardships, and many of us have come out on top of these difficulties, even if we thought that we would never overcome them.

You didn’t think that you could get over that nasty break up, but you ended up finding love again.

You never thought you would have ever made it through the death of a loved one, but you found a way to live without his or her physical presence.

You didn’t think that you would ever get out of unemployment, but you did eventually find a job.

You didn’t think that you could stop your home from being foreclosed, but you still have your house.

We may have thought that we would have never been able to deal with those issues that were plaguing our lives, but after some weeks, months, or maybe even years, we were able to come out on top of them. This, positive thinker is by no means an easy task, so you should be proud of what you have overcome. Instead of feeling embarrassed of what we have gone through, we should try and turn those negative feelings into positive ones. If you’ve gone through something and you’ve overcome it, you shouldn’t feel ashamed of what you went through because you were actually able to find a way to conquer that difficulty. And even if you haven’t overcome one of your hardships yet, don’t worry because one day you will, and when you do, take pride in the fact that you were able to overcome it.

And while there are some obstacles that we can seem to conquer, there are others that we have no control over because they will always be a part of our lives forever. Nobody has any choice over the color of their skin, the sex they were born as, or the type of people they’re attracted to, but depending on where you live at in the world being born with a certain kind of these characteristics can end up being a hardship. You also have no control over things like having a life changing diagnosis from your doctor that will end up making your life more difficult down the road. But when we do deal with these types of obstacles, sometimes overcoming them means that we must just learn to embrace the hardships and live with them despite some negativity that it may bring to us.

Instead of hating them we can start to look for and appreciate the good that does come along with that hardship.

You may not be able to change the color of your skin, but you can learn to love the aesthetic and youthful beauty that your dark skin provides you with.

You may not have been born as the dominant sex, but you also aren’t burdened down by being chastised for sharing your emotions and how you truly feel.

You may not have any choice in your sexual orientation, but you can go out there and find the love of your life and revel in the happiness that you share with your partner.

You may not be able to change a scary or life-altering diagnosis, but you can choose to focus on the fact that you have gotten a lot closer with your loved because of your diagnosis.

You can’t change certain hardships that you were born with or that are the result of something genetic, but you can change how you deal with it by looking for and holding on to any inkling of positivity that may accompany it.

Positive thinker your hardships are a part of you, and because they are a part of you they make up an important part of who you are. You wouldn’t be the same person that you are today if you didn’t experience the difficulties that you have experienced thus far in your life, so embrace your hardships, learn from them, and be happy for yourself when you finally do overcome them.

And always remember positive thinkers, “Be proud of: who you are, and everything you’ve overcome.”

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