The two Kinds of Beauty

There are two kinds of beauty in this world. The first kind of beauty, outer beauty, is the kind that we tend to be the most obsessed with. With all of these celebrities flooding our everyday lives, it becomes pretty easy to get into the habit of thinking that they are the epitome of beauty. With the Brad Pitts and Scarlett Johanssons of the world appearing before our eyes whenever we turn on the tv, watch a movie, drive past a billboard, or open up a magazine we start to slowly think that this is what beauty looks like. We’re conditioned to think that if we don’t look like these “beautiful people” then we aren’t beautiful. And when we start to think like this we may even go out of our ways to try and make ourselves more “beautiful.” So we try and dress how they dress and we put on buckets of makeup so we can look how they look and we do our hair the way that they do their hair all so that we can be “beautiful.” And when it’s all said and done and you take a look at yourself in the mirror, you may smile and think, “Now I am ‘beautiful,’” but just because you think you’re beautiful with all of these changes doesn’t mean that you weren’t beautiful before you changed the way that you looked. Yes, you may be more beautiful now based upon the standards of beauty that the media has presented to us, but in that quest to obtain that form of beauty you have lost what initially made you beautiful- the fact that you were being an authentic you.

We’re all made differently and that’s what makes us beautiful. Our society tries to tell us differently by bombarding us with images of “perfect” looking people, but the truth is that Hollywood beauty isn’t the only kind of physical beauty out there. Positive thinkers, there isn’t just one kind of beauty because there isn’t just one kind of person. Everyone is beautiful in their own way, even if they don’t look like the celebrities that traipse around Hollywood.

It is our uniqueness that helps us to be physically beautiful, but when we try to change how we look to fit some other mold we also take away the outer distinctiveness that made us beautiful in the first place. So instead of trying to change yourself, relish in the fact that you are the only person that looks like you positive thinker because that is what makes you beautiful on the outside. Every curve of your body, hair on your head, and even the scars on your face helps to make you a special kind of beautiful, so embrace it!

The second kind of beauty comes from within. This kind of beauty is the one that we should be more concerned about. Outer beauty will fade (even for celebrities), but inner beauty has the potential to last with you for your entire life. Inner beauty is the kind of beauty that makes the people who posses it want to do good deeds for others. It’s the kind of beauty that allows the people that have it to help cheer others up when that someone else is having a bad day. It’s the kind of beauty that makes that individual who has it want to go out in the world and make other people happy just for the sake of spreading joy to others. It’s a giving type of beauty, and the people have this kind of beauty have the potential to be bigger and better than that person who has the most physical beauty in the world.

Inner beauty is the kind of beauty that needs to be worked at. It’s not easy to choose the selfless route instead of the selfish route, but people who are full of inner beauty are able to do just that. If everybody in the world lacked inner beauty then the world would be a cold and nasty place, but fortunately for us, there are many people out there who have inner beauty and because of this they’re able to make this world a brighter place for the people that they come across. Strive for this kind of beauty positive thinker, because the world needs more brightness!

And always remember to “Be your own kind of beautiful.”

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