An Addiction to Negativity

Addiction is a difficult thing to deal with. Nobody starts off being addicted to whatever vice has control over their life. You don’t wake up one day addicted to drugs or alcohol; it takes time. One day you make the decision to try something new, even though you know that trying that thing may not be the best decision for your life, but you do go ahead with it anyway and you usually do so with the intention of only doing it once. You say to yourself, “Once I try this, I will never do it again,” but after that first time of trying it, you usually do end up doing it again. And then you do it again and again and more and more until next thing you know this thing that was once supposed to be a one time ordeal is now consuming every part of your waking life. It doesn’t let you escape from it, and whenever you think you can get a way from it it often ends up pulling you right back.

Sometimes we find ourselves aware of whatever we’re addicted to. It’s hard not realize that you’re struggling with an addiction like drugs or gambling, but other addictions aren’t so easy to identify. They have a hold on us and they consume us just like an addiction to alcohol would, but because we don’t think of it an addiction we may not seek to change our actions in order to get rid of it. Something like holding on to negativity can be a kind of addiction even if we don’t traditionally think of it in that way. If all you can do is talk about the negativity in your life then you just might be addicted to negativity. Talking about your problems 24/7 can be problematic because when all you do is talk about negative things all that you can expect is for more negative things to come your way, and having a life full of negativity is nothing that you should want to strive for. When all you do is talk about negative things, you should want to seek a change just like an addict to drugs seeks out a change when he or she finally wants to start living a life free from their addiction again.

Now don’t get me wrong, talking about the bad things that go on in your life can definitely be a healing experience. Holding in the bad is only going to leave you feeling worse about whatever bad things you may be going through, but when you choose to talk about it, you also choose to not let that bad thing have power over you. The cathartic release of those feelings can actually help you to move on from whatever may be plaguing you, so do make sure you talk about the difficulties in your life. It is important to do that, but it’s also important not to make the decision to only talk about the bad things in your life.

When you make a decision to talk about your joys positive thinker you also start to open yourself up to having more joys added into your life. You many not realize it, but when you talk about negative things, you make it possible for more negativity to enter into your life, and that’s not a good thing. If you want to bring more joy into your life then the best thing to do is to start acknowledging the joyous occasions that you do have.

Positive thinker, when you constantly find yourself doing something over and over again, that thing that you’re doing becomes an essential part of your life, which makes you want to not get rid of it, even if it’s bad for you. But if that thing that you find yourself going back to time after time after time again is bad for you then it is important that you try to break that habit of going back to it, so that you can be a healthier person. It’s not called an addiction because it’s something that can be easily broken, but it is possible for you to break the chain. If your vice happens to be that you focus too much on your problems, then you have to make a change if you want to stop focusing all of your energy on those problems. The first step is to make a conscious effort of tuning in to what you say. It may be too much to ask for you to stop talking about problems all together, especially when talking about them can help to make you feel better about your situation, but you do need to try and focus on what you say. If you hear yourself talking about one of your problems then make an effort to make sure and talk about something joyous that is happening in your life too.

Only talking about your problems isn’t going to help you to get rid of your problems positive thinker, but talking about your joys just may help you to experience more joy.

So remember, “Talking about our problems is our greatest addiction. Break the habit. Talk about your joys.”

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