It’s all About the Journey

When I ran track back in high school, I was in constant training mode. Rain or shine, I would go to practice every day after school so that I could work on my technique and improve my form and my times. I would practice sprinting distances that were longer than the events that I ran so that I could build up my endurance, and I would practice sprinting distances that were shorter than my events so that I could practice building up speed quickly. I stretched to increase my flexibility and I lifted weights to build up my strength. I worked my body out so that I could be ready when competition day finally came. And Even when I wasn’t actively on the track I was still keeping my mind and body ready so that when I stepped on to that track I would be able to give my all to my events. My soul purpose for doing all of the training that I did was so that I could win, and I wanted to win so I continued to train.

I may not compete in track and field anymore, but there are still times when I feel like I’m competing, and I’m sure the same rings true for many of you because sometimes it seems as though life is basically a competition. We’re all gearing up to run the 100 meter dash or some other event, and we want to be the first one to the finish line. But it’s not like you can just enter into a race without proper training right? So we engage in the appropriate training that’s associated with our event, and as we train, we check out those people around us who we think might be our competition. And as we size up our competition, we strategically come up with ways to beat them so that we can come out on top.

Life may seem like a big competition positive thinker, but I’m here to tell you that it’s not. We’re not running a race, and because we’re not running a race, the people around us, aren’t our competition.

If you treat life like a competition you’re always going to be trying to win. And wanting to win is fine, but wanting to win all the time can be burdensome. When your soul reason for waking up in the morning is so that you can win, you’re going to come to find out soon enough that you’re going to miss out on quite a few could-have-been special moments in your life.

You don’t notice how good it feels to feel the wind blowing through your hair as you run down the track when all you can focus on is winning. Positive thinker, don’t you want to feel the wind?

When you’re too focused on winning you don’t get to enjoy the cheers from your fans as you run down the track. Don’t you want to hear the cheers?

And you also miss out on building relationships and getting to know your “competition” when you focus too much on wining. Don’t you want to build relationships instead of tear them down?

Tunnel vision will only allow you to focus on your winning positive thinker, but when you choose to open up your vision and get a more encompassing view of your world you will see that life can be much more exciting than competing to win. When you stop viewing life as a competition, you can actually start to notice the joys in life that exist outside of trying to constantly win.

Positive thinker, if you’re only out there trying to win you just may miss out on fully experiencing the journey that you have to go on in order to win. If you’re focused on wining, you may not appreciate how the little victories feel. You might not realize how fortunate you are to have the support and cheers coming from your friends and family along the way. And you just might miss out on building strong connections between yourself and the new people that you meet along the way because, at the time, you could only see these people as your competition instead of as your allies. Positive thinker, I know that I’ve written about this in the past, but I really need you to see how important this message is. Winning is great, but the journey to your winning can be just as great if you take the time to fully experience and acknowledge everything that your journey has to offer you. Sometimes in life you aren’t going to win, and that’s just because of the simple fact that nobody wins all of the time. But if you’ve taken the time to enjoy your journey and to learn from it, then that journey can end up giving you just as great of an experience as winning can.

Remember, “Life is a journey not a race.”

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