Listening to Yourself: Matters of the heart

When you find yourself faced with a difficult task what do you usually do? Do you just give up, or do you find a way to figure it out? Sometimes we give up, but other times, when we really want to figure out a way to complete a task, we search for an answer that might help us to do just that.

Many times when it seems like we’ve hit a brick wall, we turn to others for advice. Sometimes we really just can’t come up with a solution to a problem on our own, so we really do need to ask for help. If we think that someone else has more knowledge in a particular subject area than we do then it is probably best to get help from them. For instance, if you’re having problems with finances then it’s better to seek help form your financial planner friend and not from your doctor friend. By the same token, if you’re having medical issues it’s best to talk to your doctor friend about it so that you can see if he or she can help you out with it. Having a conversation with your financial planner in this case would mostly likely do you little to no good. In scenarios like these, seeking outside advice is your best bet, but in other cases that are more subjective, the first person you might want to seek out help from is the person that looks back at you when you’re staring in a mirror.

When it comes to matters of the heart and soul, you can’t go wrong by listening to yourself. It’s true that when we’re confused or frustrated about an issue that we may be having we’re going to want to seek outside help. And if you think it will help you then you should get some help from another person because getting advice from someone else about a personal concern may just help you to see your problem in a new light. People can help you to uncap a part of you that you might not have known existed, but once that part of you is revealed to yourself, it is up to you to find a way to make this new part of you a constant in your life. And it’s even more important for you to trust in this advice so that you won’t feel the need to falter in your new plan. Positive thinker, no one out there can know you better than you know yourself, and because of this, you just so happen to be the best person to give you advice on these matters of the heart.

Life’s deepest questions and how they pertain to you can only be figured out by you.

No one can tell you what’s going to make you happy, but by listening to yourself you can figure that out.

Nobody can tell you what’s going to bring you fulfillment out of life, but when you truly hear what’s going on inside of your heart you can find that out.

No one can tell you what your passions are, but when you choose to take your advice and follow what you know is right for you, you can find out what your passions are and go for it.

And I know that there are some times when we don’t want to listen to ourselves because we don’t think that the advice that we can give to ourselves is any good. But let me ask you this…

How many times have you given advice to people in your life when they were down and out? And of those times that you gave out advice, how often was it good advice? Chances are that the advice that you gave out to other people ended up being beneficial to the person who needed. So if we are able to give out advice to other people then why can’t we take that same advice and apply it to our own problems?

As we travel through life, we are all going to deal with similar things. That’s why it’s called the “human experience.” And because we are living through this experience, chances are that we’re going to go through something very similar to other experiences that our friends, family, and other loved ones will go through. And when they go through difficult experiences, they will sometimes turn to you for advice. And although it may not seem like it, that same advice that you give to them just may be useful for something that you’re going through. You don’t have to turn to someone else for advice because the advice that you need is already inside of you. You just have to trust yourself enough to use it on your own life.

Listen to yourself positive thinker…

What are you saying?

Is it good advice?


Then use it!


“No one can give you better advice than yourself.” –Marcus Tullius Cicero

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