Embracing Change

Change is inevitable. Yes it’s cliché, but the thing about clichés are that they are also pretty true. Take the “change is inevitable” cliché for example…It may be cliché, but it’s also completely true. Have you ever tried to make change not happen? Have you ever lived a day that was exactly the same as the previous day? Even if you decide to get up each day and do the same exact thing every single day, change is still going to take place. External changes are going to take place all around you. The weather’s going to change and the people in your life are gong to change whether you like it or not. And you’ll also experience internal changes. Like I said before, even if you do the exact same thing each and every day, you’re still going change. You are a different person right now then you were last year, last month, yesterday, a minute ago, and even one second ago. You’re constantly changing, and you’re constantly growing.

Some of these changes you have zero control over and you may not like them. There aren’t too many people that I know who like getting new wrinkles or a new white or gray hair. These are changes that you just have to come to accept, but with other changes, you have the opportunity to actively design how that change will manifest itself in your life.

I wrote a post months ago where I asked you to recall a very important question that you probably heard countless of times when you were a child, and it’s relevant to what I’m writing about now, so I’ll reference it again. Do you remember when people would ask you the question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” When you were little, people would ask you this question all the time, but why is it that we stop asking ourselves and other people this question? If we are constantly changing and growing then this question should always be relevant. It shouldn’t matter if we’re nine years old or ninety years old. If we aren’t the same person that we were last year, then we should also give ourselves the chance to fully embrace becoming a new person and to have new goals or new ideas that revolve around that change.

We may start thinking that we’re too old to accomplish this goal or that we’re not young enough to achieve that dream, but that is a dangerous trap that you shouldn’t get caught in. I’m here to tell you that you’re not too old to accomplish that goal that you want to accomplish and you are young enough to achieve that dream. Positive thinker, when you start getting into the kind of thinking that tells you that you’re too old to engage in the type of change that you actively want to pursue, you also put yourself in a position to experience less growth. Just try and think back to the last time that you went out and tried to achieve a new goal. Do you remember how invigorating that was? Each day was exciting and new because you were going after something that you wanted. Now you may have experienced some bumps along the way, but you probably also learned a thing or two from those bruises and you’re a different person because of it.

Change can be a terrify thing, but it’s also part of what makes life exciting. If life really was constant and we didn’t change any from the day that we were born until the day that we died then that would be pretty dull. Even if you think your life is pretty consistent, it’s the new things and the changes that make life more interesting. Yes having a routine can make life a little bit more comfortable and assured in the face of uncertainty, but don’t let the fear of an uncertain life prevent you from going out into the world and achieving something new and great. Not to mention, if you find yourself thinking about how your life isn’t as exciting as it was when you were younger, maybe part of that problem could be that you haven’t set a new goal to achieve in awhile. Set a new goal for yourself positive thinker!

This world is constantly evolving and changing, so take a page from earth’s book and make a change in your life. Take a chance on yourself positive thinker and change in a way that will make your life even better!

And remember, “You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” –C.S. Lewis

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