A Best Friend in Your Time of Need

Heartache. Pain. Betrayal. Deception. All of us experience these things, and so much more, at one point in time or another. These things aren’t pleasant. Ask anyone. No one wants to experience heartache. Nobody wants to go through pain. Not a single person likes being betrayed. And not too many people out there like being deceived. Even though we don’t find these things enjoyable, we still have to deal with it.

And as with everything in life, we try to make the best of the cards we’ve been dealt. If we have to deal with heartache, pain, betrayal, and deception, then we also have to try and not let it consume us whenever we come across it. When we go through these moments, many of us want to have someone there to help us get through it. We turn to someone who has been through a similar situation. We might also seek out someone who is bound to give us some perspective on the situation and make something bleak seem not so bad. This is what we want, but it’s not always something that we can have.

Some of us don’t have the support system that other people have, so when we’re in a tough spot we don’t have anyone that we can turn to. Others of us do have a support system, but let’s face it, they can’t be around 24/7 to cheer us up whenever we start to feel down and out. Our friends and family members have lives of their own and it’s unrealistic to think that everyone that we care about will drop what they’re doing whenever we call upon them for help. If we’re lucky they will be there when we need them the most, but for the times that they can’t be there we have to rely on someone that is always there.

And that someone is you positive thinker!

You are the one person in your life that will always be around. You’re there in the good times and whether you like it or not, you’re there in the bad times as well. So if you have to be there during the bad times, then you might as well be good to yourself during these times.

Positive thinker, if your loved ones can’t be there every time you’re feeling down then you have to step up to the plate and be there for you. During these times it’s pretty hard to come up with good things to say to yourself. When you’re feeling bad, it seems like you can only think of more bad things to say, but you know what positive thinker, your loved ones wouldn’t say bad things to you when you’re feeling down, so then why should you? You love yourself, when good things happen, so you should love yourself when bad things happen. And the best way to show self-love when the bad comes along is by being kind to yourself.

And if you can’t come up with any advice to give to yourself when you’re not feeling your best, then try and think about what your loved ones would say to you. Knowing that your best friend would tell you that this moment doesn’t define who you are as a person, might just be the words that you need to hear to not feel so bad about yourself. Knowing that your mom would say that there’s still time for you to come out of this situation on top might just be the encouragement that you need to keep going. Knowing that your sister would tell you that you’re still a good person just might be what you need to come up with other good things about yourself. And even if you don’t have the support system that other people have, I am sure that there are positive things that you have heard other people say to someone in their time of need. Pull from movies, TV shows, books, and overheard conversations if you have to. These nice words can be applied to you and your situation, so use them. You should have kind words coming your direction in your time of need even if the words have never been said to you before. You deserve to hear these kind words because they’re going to be the words that help you get through whatever difficult situation you may be going through. So whatever you need to do to get through it, do it.

Positive thinker, if you remember the lessons that your loved ones have given to you when you’re not at your best, then you can get through your difficult times even when they’re not there in person. And as always, I would like to remind you that if you need to, it would be a good idea to write these little nuggets of support down somewhere that you can find them easily. Like I said, it’s difficult to find positive when you’re in a negative situation, so having the positive readily available will help you to gain access to the good vibes that you’ll need to get out of your difficult situation.

Be good to yourself positive thinker, even when no one else is around to be kind to you.

And always remember, “Treat yourself as kindly as you would your very best friend when you are feeling down.”

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