A World Full of People

There are over 7 billion people on this planet. Some of them live hundreds of thousands of miles away from you. They live oceans away. There are entire continents separating them from you, and chances are, you’re probably never going to meet many of these people. Yes, if you travel, you will meet some of these other people that inhabit the earth with you, but for the simple fact that you don’t live in the same part of the world as they do, it’ll be hard to make a real life long connection with them. Yes, it is possible to form relationships with these people, but they’re usually harder to maintain. Most of the connections that we are going to make are generally formed with those individuals who are living around us.

The girl in your history class. The couple that lives above you in your apartment complex. The coworker you share an office with. Your little brother who lives down the street. These are the people that you’ll probably form real relationships with. Proximity makes it easier for you to create relationships, but just because these people live around you doesn’t mean that you have to form lasting relationships with them.

As you may be aware, not all relationships are good relationships. The girl in your history may not be the best person to keep in your inner circle. The couple that lives above you in your apartment complex may not be the people that you should share your deepest, darkest secrets with. The coworker that you share an office with might not be the one that you would want to turn to whenever you’re going through something difficult. And even your little brother who lives down the street might not be the best person that you would want to go out with to do all of your favorite social activities.

Positive thinker, you should choose wisely when it comes to who you form relationships with. Not everyone you encounter is going to have your best interest at heart, but if you want to stay on a positive path then it’s best to choose relationships with people that do truly care about you.

If there are over 7 billion people living here, then you have to interact with some of them. You have to form relationships with some of them. And if you have to do this, then you should pick people who accept you as you. We all have demons in our past, but that doesn’t mean that you should surround yourself with people who are constantly making you feel bad about something that you did years and years ago. They don’t have to like what you did, but it’s a part of what makes you you and because of this they should accept it. You wouldn’t be the person you are today if that thing (no matter how bad it happened to be) hadn’t happened.

You’re not perfect positive thinker, and you’re going to make mistakes, but if you have someone in your life that holds you up as you go through life then you had better keep that person around. Having a supportive friend is an important part of any friendship. You have to be there for each other through the good times and the bad. And I’m not saying that you should go along with everything that your friend does even if you know that what they’re doing is detrimental in some way. You know your friends and they know you, so you should know if what they’re doing is going to hurt who they are as person. If whatever they’re doing makes them better as a person, then continue to support them and continue to push each other to strive for your dreams.

Positive thinker, I want you to try thinking about the friends that you have in your life at this moment. Do they accept the things that you’ve done in the past? Do they support you and push you to achieve your dreams? If they do, then you have a good relationship on your hands, and you should keep it strong. However, if you answered no to these questions then it’s time to start thinking if that relationship is best for you.

You shouldn’t live your life with people who are going to add negativity to it, so if you don’t have accepting and supportive relationships, it may be time to let those relationships go.

You deserve the best in all your relationships positive thinker, so keep people in your life who are going to bring you positive days instead of negative ones.

You live in a world with over 7 billion people in it. Pick the best of the best to have in your life (even if you do have to end up traveling a bit further to find those people).

And remember, “A good relationship is when someone accepts your past, supports your present, and encourages your future.”

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