Watch it Grow

A thought can start off like a seed…

As you know, a seed starts off very small. When you look at it, you don’t see anything special. It’s just a circular little dot that’s of little or no consequence to you while it’s out of the ground. But when you plant it, that’s when the magic starts to happen. That little seed that was nothing to you all of a sudden has the chance to become something much bigger and better.

When you give that little seed the attention it needs it starts to grow. Water, sunlight, fresh air, and a little TLC allows for that seed to transform into a plant. Depending on the seed that you plant, you can end up with vegetables or fruits, flowers, or even one day you might see a tree grow up right before your eyes. And these vegetables or fruits or flowers or trees bring good into the world. The food that grows from the seeds provides nourishment for our bodies and the flowers and trees that come from them bring beauty into our world. One look at a rose or one glance at an evergreen tree that goes on and on and on may bring just as much happiness into someone’s life as a good piece of fruit or vegetable can.

Little seeds have the potential to become something great, but it’s also possible for bad things to spring forth from seeds…

If that growth is a weed, then all it will do is cause harm to everything that it comes in contact with. It will continue to grow and grow and grow and spread its destruction until all of the plants in a garden or in a field die and wither away. However, if you catch it soon enough then there’s time to stop the destruction before it becomes too wide spread.

A thought too, starts off very small, and if left unattended it will have little to no effect on anyone, including you. However, if you nurture it then it starts to take root and grow. The more you think about it and the more you pay attention to it, the stronger the thought becomes. Before you know it, it is no longer just a tiny seed; rather, it becomes a full grown plant. If you have a good thought then when it is nurtured properly, it will have the chance to grow into something big and beautiful. The once small thought can end up giving you enough confidence to finally do that thing that you always wanted to do. It can finally give you the peace of mind to know that you are a good person. Or it may give you the will to continue to carry on through a difficult situation that you know will be worth the heartache in the end. And as an added bonus, if your positive thoughts are causing you to be in a good mood then your positivity is likely to rub off on the other people that you encounter.

On the other hand, if that thought is a negative one, it will become the weed and cause destruction to you and everyone around you. A negative thought can stop you from doing that thing that you always wanted to do. It can tell you that you’re a bad person even though you aren’t one. And it may tell you to give up on that difficult situation that has the potential to produce some good at the end of it. Not to mention, if you’re in a bad mood because of a negative thought that you’ve paid too much attention to then you can end up taking it out on other people, so make sure to notice the destruction that a negative thought is causing before it’s too late. Because also like the seed, if you find out that a negative thought has taken control over you then it is possible to stop it before it does more damage than necessary. It’s possible to kill that thought and turn it into a positive one so that your thoughts can start doing some good for you and others around you instead.

Positive thinker, a simple thought has the power to make or break your day.

That’s why it’s so important to, “Start each day with a positive thought.”

A negative thought can destroy you and everyone around you, but a positive one can do so much good!

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