Me Time

Our days are constantly filled with people. We wake up and there are people (unless you live by yourself). We get in our car and there are other people on the road. We go to work and there are other people working with us. We go to the gym, to the store to run errands, to school, to church, to the park, to the movies, to restaurants, and many other places and there are always people there. With so many people around, it seems to be hard to get moments to yourself, but having time to yourself is definitely something that you should always make room for.

I’ve made it a point to spend at least an hour by myself everyday. After having a full day of being around people, one of my favorite parts of my day is when I can come home and unwind by myself. Throughout my life, I have come to realize that being around people all the time can be a bit stressful and overwhelming especially if you’re around people that you don’t particularly enjoy being around. That’s why spending time by myself everyday helps me to recharge and refocus myself. After a long day, I like to come home and either read a good book or catch up on a TV show that I’ve missed during the week. Even if I don’t end up doing one of these specific things, the important thing is that I do make some time for me to be able to just be by myself.

And it doesn’t matter what you do during this time positive thinker. If you decide that you want to read or catch up on some TV shows like I do then do that. If you prefer to spend time working out or meditating then do that. Just make sure that you pick something that’s going to help you to unwind from your day.

I also realize that some of us may need more “me” time than others. People who are introverted will need more time to themselves to recharge from being around people all day. On the other hand, those of us who are extraverted and who like being around other people probably won’t need as much time to ourselves everyday. But it is still important that you do get some alone time in even if you are one of these people who love being around other people.

During these moments that you spend by yourself it is also important to take a few moments to reflect on yourself and how your day went. Taking this time to go over these specific aspects of your life can help you to get through the next day better than you did the previous day. It is important to be self-aware because when you learn more about yourself, you also learn more about what you need from life in order to experience the best life you can live. Many times our lives are so busy and hectic that we forget that we need to check in with ourselves to see how we’re doing. Sometimes we find ourselves so wrapped up with our lives that we don’t even realize that we need to make a serious change in our lives so that we can live a more fulfilling and positive life.

Positive thinker, people are great. They make life interesting and dynamic, and it would be pretty boring if we didn’t have other people in our lives, but the thing is, you don’t have to be around people all of the time. Alone time is truly important. So I encourage you to cut out some time for yourself each day. It doesn’t have to be a lot of time. I can personally spare an hour, but you may only have ten minutes to spare. It doesn’t matter the amount of time you place aside as long as you do have some time to yourself where you can cut out all of the negative things from your life for a moment and just focus on you. Taking some time to yourself everyday can seriously change your life for the better. So why not try spending some time by yourself today? You’ll be grateful that you did!

And remember, “Learning to be alone, and enjoying it is the most empowering gift you can give yourself.”


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