Moving Forward

I like to read a lot. And if you like to read too then you know just how wonderful reading can be. When you first open up a new book you automatically get this excited feeling that warms you up from head to toe. You know that you’re getting ready to enter into a new world where you’re going to make new friends that you get to go on new adventures with, and what could be more exciting than that? With every word, sentence, and paragraph you read and with every flip of the page, you learn more and more about your new friends and their lives. You delve deeper and deeper into their world, but unfortunately, not everything in their world is always good. At some point during the story the friends that you have come to know start to get into some trouble. A bad guy may try and thwart their plans or maybe your favorite character ends up getting in their own way, which inevitably ends up making their journey a little bit more difficult. And because you invested so much into this journey that you started on, you feel as though you have to keep on pushing along. You have to finish this out with your friends. But at this point in time, it’s probably difficult for you. That character that you love so much is hurting physically or emotionally (maybe even both), but you keep reading. And you do this because you know that if you stop reading now everything that you have invested in up until this point will have been wasted. All of the questions that you had before will be left unanswered and you’ll never get to know what happened to that character that went through all of that pain. But you also keep going because you know that their pain won’t last forever. You know that eventually, you’re going to turn to that next page and everything is going to work out. All of your questions will finally be answered, and all of that pain that your friend has gone through will be over. And once you get that conclusion that you longed for, you’ll realize that all of that pain and that uphill and downhill ride that the author took you on was worth it in the end because the situation resolved itself. And you realize that that ending would not have been as satisfying if your favorite character hadn’t ended up going through all of that pain. You’re able to enjoy the ending because you know that your friend went through so much to get there, and that’s what makes the ending that much more satisfying.

And if you think of your life as a book then the same rules are going to apply. You’re life is probably filled with a lot of good. You’re probably not living in a perpetual state of misery. You have friends and family that you enjoy being around. And you share a lot of good times with these people. Life is good for the most part, but just like in a book, some bad things are sure to show up eventually. In the moment that they’re happening, you would probably give anything to make those rough patches go away. They’re difficult and they’re annoying, but just as the bad moments in books don’t last forever neither will your rough patches. Your life is going to keep moving forward and as your life continues to move forward you will eventually find a way to get yourself out of that rough patch. It may take some time, and you may need to get some help from some outside sources, but the bad will go away eventually. And also like the bad moments in the books, you’ll probably end up realizing that those bad moments in your life were necessary for you to experience some more good.

Positive thinker, you’re going to have good times and bad times in your life, but the important thing to remember is that when the bad things happen that you need to keep on moving forward. You can’t just shut down. Keep moving on so that you can find a way to get past it. If you shut down then you’ll always be in that same bad spot, but if you keep pushing forward something will come along that will help you to move on to something better.

So always remember, “Don’t close the book when bad things happen in your life, just turn the page and begin a new chapter.”

Don’t give up positive thinker…

Your better days are still ahead of you!

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