Ignoring the Negative Words

Words have the power to do a lot. We create stories with them, and these stories take us to far away places. Through these words, we fight dragons, find love, conquer our fears, and take solace in the kindness of human kind. Words allow us to escape from our everyday problems. When they are written down, we can take a brief respite to allow ourselves to bask in all of the amazing things that they have to offer us.

But while they have the power to make us feel better, they also have the power to do the exact opposite. It’s just as easy to use words to hurt other people as it is to use them to heal, and unfortunately, there are people who find joy in using the former. For whatever reason, they will take their words and use them to make you unhappy. They will try and get you to see life from their perspective, but you can’t allow them to do this to you. When you do this, you end up wanting to forfeit plans that you have for your life.

I saw this video on Facebook the other day about kids who were going to college to get a degree in memes. The story was a piece of satire, which is why it got me thinking. The students in the video were serious about what they were studying and they didn’t care what the naysayers had to say about their passion. They loved making memes and they saw the importance that this form of communication had in our world. The kids wanted to make a difference in the world, and they believed that they could do this through memes. As ridiculous as this idea may sound to many, it actually has some merit. A lot of people use them today and are able to profit from them if they do it properly. If someone really wanted to create a degree on this topic, they would probably end up having students that were able to one day benefit from their degree. However, no matter how advantageous it could end up being, there would still be many people out there that would laugh at you and doubt you if you told them that this is what you wanted to study, but if it was something that you really wanted to do then you couldn’t allow these people to stop you from doing it.

Whenever you come up with something new to do, you will have people who are against you. They will tell you that you can’t achieve that dream that you have. It’s going to be too hard for you to do it. Or it’s too impractical for you to want to do something like that. But the thing is you can’t allow yourself to listen to these words. You have that dream or that goal for a reason. You like doing the things you do for a reason. If you have something in your life that makes you happy then you can’t give anyone else the power to take that away from you.

There’s so much bad going on in the world. When you turn on the news you are bombarded with so many sad stories. There are wars going on that kill thousands upon thousands of people. Poverty and famine strike different parts of our globe and leave the people that live there starving. Innocent people are being shot and killed, and families are left having to explain to its members why their loved one is never coming home again. It is things like this that start to weigh on you and the joy that you have in your life. Even if it’s not affecting you directly, it still has the power to hurt you. That’s why it’s so important to have things in your life that you enjoy doing. These activities and these goals will help to keep you sane in a world that can make even the most mentally strong people go insane.

Positive thinker, choose to focus on the good words and not the bad ones. Don’t allow negative words to consume you. Ignore them and the people that tell them to you. Make sure to spend all of your time focusing on the good words from the good people so that you won’t have time to let the bad ones in. You deserve to have joy in your life, so don’t’ allow others to take it away from you!