Embracing Your Passions

Have you ever gotten a song stuck in your head before? I’m convinced that this has happened to everyone. Like are you really even human if you haven’t experienced this scenario? Sometimes it’s a song that you dislike and when that happens it becomes a bit bothersome. You’re willing to do anything to get it out of your head because listening to something over and over again that you don’t like is no fun. There’s always that one song on the radio that plays over and over again that everybody loves except for you. You want to escape it, but you can’t, and then it only makes matters worse when that dreaded song eventually worms its way into your mind until you end up hearing it even when it’s not playing on the radio.

On the other hand, it’s okay if it happens to be a song that you actually like. For instance, I’m obsessed with musicals. If I could I would listen to scores from my favorite shows day in and day out. I’ve listened to the Hamilton soundtrack so many times I’ve lost count, and the only reason I’ve stopped listening to it as of late is because I’m hoping that giving it a rest for a while will allow me to appreciate the actual show better when I see it in a few weeks. Since the Tony Awards, I’ve been listening to a song called Waving Through a Window from Dear Evan Hansen. It has a catchy tune and speaks to feelings that I experience in my own life, which is why I come to it so often. So I listen to it at least once a day (I’ve already listened to it three times today and there’s still some time left for me to get in a few more listens). This also probably explains why it stays stuck in my head. I can just be having a conversation with one of my friends or a coworker and all of a sudden this song pops into my mind. I don’t mind it when it happens because the song’s relatable to me and makes me feel like there’s someone out there who understands what I go through. When a song gets stuck in your head there’s a reason for it. For me, it’s because that song usually brings me comfort or it just happens to be a happy distraction from something that’s going on in my life. That’s my reason, but you may have a different one that explains why a certain song gets stuck in your head.

Songs aren’t the only things that get stuck in your head however. Sometimes you can’t help but think of certain people. Other times you have ideas that don’t seem to go away. And just like a song that’s on repeat in your mind, there’s a reason why you’re having those thoughts too. And from my experience, when an idea keeps popping up into your head it’s because it’s something that you really care about. These recurring thoughts are where your passions come from. If you find yourself always thinking about the latest fashions and all you want to do is flip through the newest issue of Vogue magazine, listen to interviews with your favorite designers, and watch Fashion Week runway shows then chances are that fashion is something that you’re passionate about.

Many times we find ourselves ignoring these thoughts because it’s easier for you to keep doing what you’re doing instead of actually going for your dreams. A lot of times going for what you want can be uncomfortable. You have to make sacrifices and you may lose a few things and people in the process, but if you really want those passions to become a reality then it’s something that you have to be willing to do.

Positive thinker, don’t ever ignore your passions. They’re calling out to you because they want to make their way out of your head and into the real world. You’re not doing yourself in favors by ignoring them. Ignoring something that you care about is only going to end up hurting you more. However, if you learn to embrace it, you can open yourself up to a chance at a fuller life. You’ll be a much more contented person if you decide to follow your passions. So go for it!