The Power of Friendship

I’m very self aware, and that’s why I know that I don’t have the best personality around. I have a short temper, I’m extremely sarcastic, and I can be stand offish at times. I’m socially awkward, I go ghost for weeks at a time when I get in a bad mood or when I become obsessed with something new, and I’m a perfectionist which can cause others to get frustrated with me, but despite all of this, there are people in my life who still want to be around me. My friends have decided to keep me in their lives even though I’m a little rough around the edges.

Some of my fondest memories have happened when I was with my friends. It can be as simple as sitting around for hours talking about random stuff. When I was in college there were many times when I would run into one of my pals on campus and we would just stop whatever we were doing and talk. Neither one of us planned to meet up with each other, but because we enjoyed each other’s company so much we would just end up sitting down or standing around outside while we talked for hours. There were event times when our conversations would start when the sun was out and last until the moon had taken its place. As much as I enjoy these impromptu meetings, I am also quite fond of planning things out.

It could be something as simple as going out for a night on the town with my girlfriends. We start at one bar and hop from bar to club until closing and then after that we make our way back to someone’s place for a few more hours of meaningful conversations. I also have pals that I love to go to amusement parks with. We’ll spend the whole day there where we can throw our responsibilities away and just act like kids again for awhile. Other times I may even end up going on a trip with my buddies. Spending days away from home where we can reconnect and get back to our roots is as special as it comes.

I can also count on my friends to be there for me when I need it. It’s amazing knowing that if something does go wrong, that I will have somebody there to help me pick up the pieces. I don’t know how many times I’ve been down and out, and I was able to turn to one of my friends for some help. I know that if it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t have been able to deal with those issues. Having a shoulder to cry on or an ear to bend can make all the difference in the world.

Positive thinker, everyone needs a friend. Sometimes we like to think that we’re strong enough to make it through our lives without one, and that may be true, but it definitely will end up making your life much harder. It’s possible to live without the laughter and the secret sharing, but it makes life less interesting. You can go from day to day without having someone to lean on, but that just makes your load that much more difficult to bear. And why would you want to make your life any more difficult or any less fulfilling? You want to get the most out of this human experience that you’re living, and part of that includes being around people that you can claim as your friends.

With so much negativity in the world, it’s great to know that you have at least one person that will help spread some positivity in your life. Like I’ve said time and time again, you can’t avoid bad things happening to you. It’s a part of life, no matter how much we wish that it wasn’t. But despite this, there are some things out there that help to make our lives better. Friends fall into this category. There are some people out there who are all alone and who don’t have anyone that they can count on to bring some extra joy into their lives, so make sure that you cherish those individuals who do that for you.