Pushing Past Impatience

Are you an impatient person? I know I am! I don’t want to wait for anything. When I’m walking behind or driving behind someone who’s too slow, I want to scream! So I ultimately end up just moving around them. One of the reasons I don’t like cooking (other than the fact that I’m no good at it) is because it takes too long. That’s why the microwave is my friend. I can buy something that’s fully cooked and then pop it in there for a few minutes and then it will be ready to eat. There’s no need to slave away over a hot stove when I can have a meal in a fraction of the time. If I’m at an amusement park and the line is really long, I won’t wait in it because I’m too impatient to stand there. I’ll either come back later when it’s shorter or I’ll ride as a single rider if it means that I can bypass the wait. When a new movie or a new season of one of my shows is coming out my impatience is the worst! I hate having to wait months and months for something that I crave. But the worst part about this impatience is that there’s nothing I can do to relieve it. I have no control over when these things are released so I just have to sit back and stew in my impatience until they eventually do come out.

I’m sure you can think about moments in your life when you’re particularly impatient. You can’t avoid it. It happens to all of us at some point in time or another. There just happens to be those of us who know how to deal with it better and who don’t experience it as often. But even if you’re great at controlling your impatience, chances are when something really big rolls around you’re going to have some problems.

All of us have major life goals, but none of them happen overnight. I don’t know how many times I’ve had a conversation with people and we talked about how we wish we could just wake up in the future where our lives are established and stable. Unfortunately, that dream will remain a fantasy. We don’t have a magic button that we can push and we don’t have time machines that we can hop into that will allow us to be in the future. It would be nice if that was an option, but it’ not. We have to live out each and every second that leads up to our goals being accomplished, and the further away that goal is the more that impatience will start to creep in.

The thing is, we shouldn’t be impatient when it comes to reaching our goals. We have to take the time to go through each step because each one, no matter how small it is, is equally important to getting you to where you need to be. You need to experience “A” so that you can get to “B.” If you try to jump all the way from “A” to “Z” without taking the other 25 steps that it should take to get there then you’re going to hit some problems. You shouldn’t rush through them because when you do that you’re more likely to mess up and then you’ll have to go right back to “A,” which means that it’s going to take you even longer to hit “Z.”

And like I said, I’m not a very patient person, so learning not to rush is something that I’m going to have to get better at as well. I want to reach my goals now instead of ten years from now, but when I’m so focused on the future, I can’t see what’s right there in front of me. If you learn to enjoy the journey positive thinker, you may not be in such a hurry to rush through it. Yes the end goal can be exciting, but many times the journey to it is just as thrilling. Knowing that you’re working hard to accomplish what you set out to accomplish is very satisfying and it’s something that you deserve to experience fully.

Patience is key positive thinker. Take the time to enjoy the journey to your end goal. You’ll be much happier when you do!