Finding People Worthwhile

When I was younger, I used to watch this show called Scrubs. If you’ve never seen it, do yourself a favor and search for some episodes online after you’re done reading this. You’ll thank me later! Basically, it was a sitcom about a group of doctors (hence the name). It lasted for nine seasons, and when it ended I was definitely sad to see it go. The storylines always kept me laughing, and even though it was a comedy about hospital life, it still had some pretty relatable moments and themes…

The main character, J.D., was practically obsessed with another character named Dr. Cox. Perry Cox was the chief of medicine at Sacred Heart Hospital, and the man that J.D. recognized as his mentor. Even though he believed that he was his mentor, Dr. Cox never let him call him that. In fact, throughout the series you got the impression that J.D. was the last person that Dr. Cox wanted to be around. It seemed like that he was constantly annoyed by anything that he did. J.D. practically worshiped at this guy’s feet, but he was cold and cruel to him throughout the series.

While one man spurned J.D.’s love, another one accepted him with open arms. His best friend, Turk, was always there when he needed him. These two gentlemen were the epitome of a bromance. They both had significant others, but their closeness surpassed the romantic relationship that they shared with the women in their life. Nothing J.D. did ever turned Turk off of him. And that’s saying a lot because J.D. was a fairly strange guy. And through it all, his bestie embraced him.

Now, chances are that you’ve already experienced a couple of Dr. Coxes and Turks in your life. No matter what you do, you can never win a Dr. Cox over. You might save their life, find a cure to cancer, and discover the secret to world peace, but this person is still not going to like you…

Maybe your mother-in-law is your Dr. Cox. Perhaps, no matter how nice you are to her, she doesn’t seem to care for you. You married her child and provide them with happiness and love, but that doesn’t count for anything. You’ve even given her grandkids that she can spoil rotten, but she still turns her nose up at you whenever you’re around. She might have to be a part of your life forever, but that doesn’t mean that she’s going to make it pleasant.

Or perhaps your coworker is your Dr. Cox. It seems like this person is always trying to sabotage you even though you’ve never done anything wrong to them. In fact, you’re insanely kind to them, but they still act like they hate your guts. And it’s clear as day that just because you work with them doesn’t mean that they’re ever going to be friendly towards you.

On the other hand, Turks will never leave your side. You may even end up making a huge mistake and really hurting their feelings, but they’ll still always love you…

Maybe your own mother is your Dr. Turk. Since the day you were born, she’s been your biggest fan. You can do no wrong in her eyes. You’ve even hurt her on various occasions, but she still has love for you. And she always will.

Or your Turk might be your next door neighbor. When you first moved into your neighborhood, you were scared that you weren’t going to meet anyone, but then this person showed up at your door step and invited you over to their place for dinner. From that moment on, you two have been inseparable. You tell them about how much you hate your coworker, and they tell you about how much they hate their mother-in-law. And you both talk about how much you love your mothers. You may not have known your neighbor very long, but you do know that what you have is real.

Positive thinker, there are some people out there that are going to love you, and others are going to hate you. You just need to make sure to focus on the ones that do care about you. Life is too short to go around trying to gain the approval of someone who couldn’t care less about you, so focus on the good people around you that bring you positivity instead!