The Most Important Type of Love

Love is one of the best parts (if not the best part) about life. For a lot of us, our first experience with love comes from the person or the people who raised us. They cared for us during our most vulnerable time in life. When you’re a baby, you can’t do anything for yourself. You rely completely on your caregiver(s) to take care of you, and that’s no easy task for them, but they do it because they love you. Every time they get waken up at 2:32 in the morning because of your tears they’ll get up and go into your room so that they can comfort you. The fact that they’re losing sleep is not as important as making sure that your needs are taken care of. They always want the best for you and they have your best interest at heart, even if you don’t see it all the time. The love that they have for you is unconditional, and there’s nothing that you can do to take that away.

Once you get old enough, you’ll start to experience love in other types of relationships as well. Your friends are probably the first love outside of your family that you’ll have. These people may not be your blood, but you love them like they’re family and they return the favor. You don’t have to be around them, but you choose to because you truly enjoy it when you are. Good times are sure to follow whenever you’re in their presence. But even though it’s fun and games for the most part, you know that when the more serious issues arise in your life that these people will be there to help you out. You’d do anything for them, and you know that they’d do the same for you too.

When you get older, you start to seek love outside of your caregiver(s) and your friends. It’s great to know that you will always have their love, but you want to find a different type of love, and that’s when you start dating. This is also the time when you realize just how much love can hurt. When you’re vulnerable with someone and you put all of your trust in them, it can be a wonderful thing, but it also means that they have the power to hurt you. But the thing is, even though you may end up getting your heart broken one or two times, you keep searching for that special person because you know they’re out there and the pain is worth the risk.

All of these types of love are great, but a lot of times we get so wrapped up in external love, that we forget about nurturing the most important type –self-love. This also happens to be one of the hardest ones to cultivate. Sometimes it’s so easy to see the good in others, but it’s not always as easy to notice the good in ourselves. We’re hard on ourselves, and many times we just so happen to be our biggest critics. We can pick ourselves apart until it feels like there is nothing good about ourselves to love, but that’s not true.

Positive thinker, you have to see yourself the way your loved ones see you. Know that the good things that they find in you are really there. You just have to open up your eyes wide enough to see it. I know it’s hard, but you still have to try to find it because you deserve to. You have to be able to give all of that love that you give to other people to yourself too.

So spend some time alone with yourself, and really examine who you are. List down all of the things that let you know why you’re worthy of being loved, and once you’ve compiled that list, read it over and over again until you believe it’s true. Take that piece of paper each day, stand in front of the mirror, and read them out loud while you gaze into your eyes. At first, you may not feel that what you’re saying about yourself is true, but as the days go on, you’ll find that there’s truth to what you’re saying.

Self-love is so important positive thinkers, so do everything within your power to make sure that you experience it!