Wally can’t wait to share his not-so-new video pick for good vibes. It’s a classic guaranteed to make you smile. Enjoy!

Turn off the lights and light a candle!

Candles are another great addition to your positivity tool belt. Not only are certain aromas known to aid in alleviating physical symptoms, they are also said to aid in inducing feelings of relaxation and positivity. In addition, the candles themselves can become apart of a ritual of healthy behaviors. How so? you ask…

Well, let me count the ways.

Happy New Year!!!

When you feel down and out
Sing a song, it’ll make your day
Here’s a time to shout
Sing a song, it’ll make a way
Sometimes it’s hard to care
Sing a song, it’ll make your day
A smile so hard to bear
Sing a song, it’ll make a way

An exercise in positivity: The Daily Survival Kit

Ever wanted a handy tool kit that would help you to get through a particularly stressful day? If so, you might be in luck! I came across a great exercise that I wanted to share called The Daily Survival Kit.

Show your smile!

The video is entitled, “Show your smile” and created by a YouTuber named Daniel Wagner. Mr. Wagner asked fellow YouTubers to share their smiles with him. 280 people responded and he then composed a lovely video showcasing those smiles set to music (“Sunray Smile” by Amber Van Fleet).

Icky day? Watch this and “Put on a happy face!”

Enjoy this cool performance from 1963 of Liza Minnelli performing “Put on a happy face” at age 17. She was performing on her mother’s show, The Judy Garland show. Favorite parts: the shout out to Mom during the number and the slightly manic shriek at the end demanding that we “Smile!!!!!” Enjoy and out a smile on that face.

Jeep believes that Positivity Works too!

Knowing that everyday, I have a choice to make Between watching the clock and occasionally, my back or I can greedily, rightfully, seize every ticking moment and never give one of them back I Live… —JEEP, “Clocks” commercial (2009) Since this so-called recession reared its ugly head, there seems to be an increase in “save money!” advertising out there, but …

I cannot wait for The Princess and the Frog!

[youtube=] I just took a gander at the most recent trailer (above) and I got so excited about it that I had to share. Doesn’t it look great?!  The first Black Disney princess, Tiana, looks so cute and I love Anika Noni Rose (Dreamgirls, The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency) who voices her.  She has such a beautiful voice.  As …

Good news of the day!

Apparently this trend of youth-yoga is spreading across the world; it’s already in places like Georgia, Minnesota, Russia and even here in California. Parents, it may be worth it to check something like this out if you have a hyperactive child or even a child who has difficulty coping with his or her emotions. It would be a non-threatening environment to learn healthy coping skills and manage high energy levels. If a child can become balanced with their emotions and more positive, it is more likely that they would do better in school and be able to make friends more easily.

My wonderful drive home

Despite defining driving as a chore, I must say that tonight I had an “a ha!” moment. My “a ha!” came when I found myself calmly driving the speed limit and bobbing my head with a big smile on face (this is coming from a speed demon who usually counts down every minute until I can stop the car and get inside somewhere). The reason…a nice relaxing walk beforehand, a wonderfully clear evening, minimal traffic, and an awesome soundtrack that resulted from a channel surfing/ipod mash-up.