You gotta jump over the precipice…Don’t drop into it.

Today, I woke up thinking about the word, Precipice. According to the World English Dictionary, Precipice means the steep sheer face of a cliff or crag or a precarious situation. The definition has me envisioning myself standing right on the edge of said cliff, looking down into an abyss of precariousness. That sounds scary, right? I mean…what is down there?

Words to think on…Be Tolerant

We here at Positivity Works! are of the opinion that we need to be positive because it builds our tolerance to pain and hurt. It builds our tolerance to the reality of the multiple wars, disasters, and grievances and helps us to go on living. It even builds our tolerance to physical pains. For example, convincing yourself that “you got this” in a middle of a torturous run can really be the thing to push you past the pain of the cramp in your side. Positivity can also build your tolerance for others when you would like nothing better than to *&^BKJD!!! (insert *be really mean to them*). Being able to turn away from them with a smile is much better than being arrested, don’t you think?

Happiness Marketing: Our Favorite Kind

A while back I was noticing this great trend of advertising that promoted positive lifestyle choices or keeping a positive outlook. Most of that trend began when the world started to recognize economic strife and needed a little encouragement to get out and stimulate the sickly economy (i.e. convince consumers, with a big smile and a hug, to spend their hard-earned money on their products).

So, since I find the idea of what I call “happiness marketing” to be such a grand thing, I always notice it and think to share with all of you, positive thinkers. I mean, what if you missed it? 😉

When life gives you lemons…

Isn’t it strange how when one thing goes wrong, it feels like ten others follow? You get a flat tire, which causes you to be late for work, then you forget an appointment you had, then… Well, you get my point. I could go on forever because that’s how these things work. They go on forever if you let them. I think these things, let’s call them disappointments, sneak up on you like a bad cold and they are always a shock and very unwelcome. When they happen, you think, as a responsible person, that you should be prepared and then you reprimand yourself for not being psychic and preventing the problem in the first place. Because, of course, you should have known. Right?

A New Year…a Better Thinking You!

If you are a regular reader of this blog, then you will know that we here at Positivity Works! are big on self-awareness, planning, goal-setting and reframing negative thoughts. A resolution can happen at the new year or any other time in life. Resolutions are really ways in which a person recognizes a need for change and vows to improve themselves. If you can be self-aware enough, all times of the year, to acknowledge when change is needed in your life, then you will be a better thinking you and that’s really the most valuable thing to someone seeking positivity and a good mental health. Whatever your resolution is, was or will be, remember why you are making changes and if it is not going to make you a happier person, then it may be the wrong resolution for the wrong reasons.

Me Time: an exercise in positivity

So take care of YOU, positive thinkers. To help you start your daily ritual of taking 15 minutes out of your day to enjoy something/someplace/someone that makes you feel good in the moment, we have a positivity exercise and it is super simple and just one of the many things you can do in a day to do something for yourself. And you can do it just by visiting this post.

It’s all about perspective.

Thoughts are shaped by experiences. Our thoughts determine the way we view things and it forms our perspective. That perspective is used by us to form opinions about things like education, popular culture, relationships, work, etc… That perspective is shaped by who we were as children and what we experienced in the journey to becoming adults, and even our continued experiences as adults. Becoming aware of that is key. Not every person you meet will have had the same experiences as you, so you and another person will most likely never have the exact same perspective on all things. And that’s great! Where would the world be if we all thought the same and there was no intelligent discourse? My opinion…it would be a very boring world and one with limited growth.

Mental Health Mobile Apps…a positivity tool belt addition?

Although there is something a bit foreboding about an inanimate object assisting with something as complex as a person’s mental health, the more I listened, the more I thought that maybe I should give the Mental Health app a chance before I completely dismiss it as a mind control effort by cell phone companies and the IT industry. My change of mind resulted because it seems these apps have been created by mental health professionals as a supplemental tool to regular talk therapy and has a real theoretical basis: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). Thus, it seems these apps might be a great way to keep the client self-aware and accountable for their own behaviors by providing them a tool to help monitor themselves.

Often, when using CBT, we therapists suggest things like a journal to help monitor moods and distorted thoughts so that the client increases self-awareness and has an outlet until their next therapy session. I have even suggested an online web database to assist in documenting dreams on this blog (see Dream Big. And write about it). Now, with the many leaps and bounds that technology is making, it appears that a person’s phone can now be used as a tracking system that the client can even share with their psychiatrists (the MD who handles psychotropic meds) and their therapists (LCSWs, LMFTs, Pyschologists, etc.), if they would like. Having access to honest and consistent documentation of moods would be beneficial to the therapist because it would provide insight into what the client’s stressors and triggors are beyond what is verbally reported and could possibly lead to more openness (or acknowledgement of habitual behaviors) in sessions.

Good News of the Day!

I love chocolate milk! It tastes so good, especially when shaken in a martini shaker with crushed ice.  Yummy.  Until now it has  been a sugar filled treat that I saved for special occasions like “that day I briefly messed up my healthy eating plan” wherein it was the star accompaniment to a late night Krispy Kreme drive-by (p.s. my sweet tooth is …

Good news of the day!

Apparently this trend of youth-yoga is spreading across the world; it’s already in places like Georgia, Minnesota, Russia and even here in California. Parents, it may be worth it to check something like this out if you have a hyperactive child or even a child who has difficulty coping with his or her emotions. It would be a non-threatening environment to learn healthy coping skills and manage high energy levels. If a child can become balanced with their emotions and more positive, it is more likely that they would do better in school and be able to make friends more easily.