“You are good, you are who you are and you have things to offer the world”

Disney put together an awesome “It Gets Better” video in support of The Trevor Project (mentioned in previous Positivity Works! blogs) which includes interviews with Disney Cast Members (aka employees) who have experienced bullying in their lives as a result of who they are and they even offer great advice about who to contact if you get to that point when you either “want to end it or break free [of the insecurities and trappings of feeling rejected, unwanted, unloved, etc]”.

“Just remember…You are never alone.”

An Exercise in Positivity: Dear Future Me…

There is great worth in being able to imagine your future and the wonderfulness that you hope it will hold. It it the epitome of positive thinking to be able to envision yourself exactly where you want to be in the not so distant future. And a great method to be proactive in getting there is to make a plan, give yourself a deadline, and hold yourself accountable.

We have come across a great site called FutureMe.org that allows its users to write letters to themselves and pick a date to have it emailed to them on a date of their choosing in the future.

Operation Beautiful! You are what you think you are.

There are so many ways, so small and easy, to help you maintain positive self esteem through affirmations. Be creative about it because the more personal it is to you, the better they work! You can also give back to others in need of some positivity by leaving affirmations for them to find. Sometimes our positivity can come from knowing that we can make others smile and feel better about themselves.

Want to learn more about spreading the positive word for others? We here at Positivity Works! have found a great movement called Operation Beautiful. Operation Beautiful was created by a blogger who believes that if you don’t take the time to reach out to other people in a positive way, you’ll never be satisfied. She started a movement through her website to encourage others to leave positive messages for others such as “You are Beautiful!” and “Smile!” in public places such as public restrooms, libraries, gyms, workplaces, coffee shops, etc. The idea seems to have caught on as the movement is getting lots of press and tons of followers.

Good News of the Day! Educational programs still exist.

The Good News of the Day! is that we here at Positivity Works! have come across a great new seminar that promotes and encourages the art of writing, particularly in at risk communities. We’re not talking essays here…children will get the opportunity to learn about screen writing, writing as novelists, and even business writing. Such a great learning opportunity to get hands on experience in topics that most don’t see until college and it sounds like it might be creative and fun!

Me Time: an exercise in positivity

So take care of YOU, positive thinkers. To help you start your daily ritual of taking 15 minutes out of your day to enjoy something/someplace/someone that makes you feel good in the moment, we have a positivity exercise and it is super simple and just one of the many things you can do in a day to do something for yourself. And you can do it just by visiting this post.

Mental Health Mobile Apps…a positivity tool belt addition?

Although there is something a bit foreboding about an inanimate object assisting with something as complex as a person’s mental health, the more I listened, the more I thought that maybe I should give the Mental Health app a chance before I completely dismiss it as a mind control effort by cell phone companies and the IT industry. My change of mind resulted because it seems these apps have been created by mental health professionals as a supplemental tool to regular talk therapy and has a real theoretical basis: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). Thus, it seems these apps might be a great way to keep the client self-aware and accountable for their own behaviors by providing them a tool to help monitor themselves.

Often, when using CBT, we therapists suggest things like a journal to help monitor moods and distorted thoughts so that the client increases self-awareness and has an outlet until their next therapy session. I have even suggested an online web database to assist in documenting dreams on this blog (see Dream Big. And write about it). Now, with the many leaps and bounds that technology is making, it appears that a person’s phone can now be used as a tracking system that the client can even share with their psychiatrists (the MD who handles psychotropic meds) and their therapists (LCSWs, LMFTs, Pyschologists, etc.), if they would like. Having access to honest and consistent documentation of moods would be beneficial to the therapist because it would provide insight into what the client’s stressors and triggors are beyond what is verbally reported and could possibly lead to more openness (or acknowledgement of habitual behaviors) in sessions.

Getting stuff for free can make you happy…and healthy!

It’s Freebie Tuesday! Wanted to share with all of you that if you are in need of medical, dental, or vision care and just haven’t had the funds or insurance to afford it, today is the start of a free clinic held at the Los Angeles Sports Arena located at 3939 North Figueroa Street (that’s around USC…for people like me who are directionally challenged).

New study shows that women feel more guilt than men. Shocker?…Not!

Women are more empathetic but it does not make them weaker. Empathy provides a sense of understanding about other people’s feelings, allows a person to build strong relationships and show others that they care. Empathy also allows people to strive to be the best that they can be, because inherently, they understand that the guilt that results doesn’t feel too good. So women (and guilt-prone gents too!), try to be proactive in instances where your guilt can lead to negative feelings such as depression and a lowered self esteem. When those feelings of guilt occur (oh no! I forgot her birthday or oh no! I forgot to take the chicken out of the freezer for dinner), remember to stay positive and think about resolving the situation without mentally beating yourself up. There is always a belated birthday celebration or takeout. There is also the fact that you are human and you will forget things, make mistakes, and will sometimes need help. It’s ok. And you are still amazing in spite of it.

Positivity: What does it all mean? Let’s consult the dictionary

Pos·i·tive (pz-tv) adj. 1. Characterized by or displaying certainty, acceptance, or affirmation. 2. Indicating the presence of a particular disease, condition, or organism. 3. Indicating or characterized by response or motion toward the source of a stimulus, such as light. 4. Relating to or designating electric charge of a sign opposite to that of an electron.

Lift me up, Hallelujah!

Wally was so inspired while watching the Hope for Haiti Now telethon event that he sped (ok, waddled, rolled or possibly scooted) his way on over to share two sizzling hot (and possibly bootleg) video picks for good vibes of his favorite performances: Christina Aguilera and the Justin Timberlake and Matt Morris duet. Wally has a crush on the new bob (and possibly a thing for former Mickey Mouse Club members?) and was blown away by the positive messages of the songs, especially the song performed by Christina, entitled “Lift Me Up”.