Sometimes it seems like we are harder on ourselves than anybody else could ever be. When we fail at something that we thought we could succeed at, disappointment usually sets in and that is expected. When our reality doesn’t match what we expected to happen we usually do feel disappointed, but we need to be careful because this disappointment becomes …

“You are good, you are who you are and you have things to offer the world”

Disney put together an awesome “It Gets Better” video in support of The Trevor Project (mentioned in previous Positivity Works! blogs) which includes interviews with Disney Cast Members (aka employees) who have experienced bullying in their lives as a result of who they are and they even offer great advice about who to contact if you get to that point when you either “want to end it or break free [of the insecurities and trappings of feeling rejected, unwanted, unloved, etc]”.

“Just remember…You are never alone.”